Saturday, September 29, 2007


Truth be told, I sometimes read books because I just need something to read, while I'm putting Bridget to sleep or eating alone. This was one that I wouldn't have finished if it hadn't been there. I have heard critics call a bad performance "phoning it in." That applies to this book I think. Bradley has written some books that are supposed to be very good, The Mists of Avalon for example: this wasn't one of them.

The book is about magic and reconciliation with lost relatives. But it seems that instead of researching authentic mythological traditions, or inventing her own completely, she just took remembered shards of a bunch of different systems and used them as they popped into her brain. It felt like very sloppy writing and the main character was of the type you want to reach into the book and slap. I think there might be a sequel but I won't be reading it.

Ghostlight. Marion Zimmer Bradley. Tor Books. 1995

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