Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Making Money

This was my birthday book. The newest Terry Pratchett. When we lived in Las Vegas, the library was very good about getting new books quickly, so I could read the latest Terry Pratchett quickly and be patient enough to wait for the paperback. The library here tries but is so much smaller that only really big new books show up quickly. And I am not patient enough to wait until the paperback comes out to read it even the first time. My spending on books has gone up since we moved here.
David didn't like this one as much as Going Postal. It sort of has the same main character, Moist Von Lipwig, but the plot isn't as tight and it rambles a bit. But I think the main character is really the person working behind the scenes in the book, Lord Vetinari. He manipulates Moist in very specific ways and is more of a protagonist than the obvious hero. There were some bits I really enjoyed, the glooper, the four gold? (no that word isn't gold, its thousand!) golems and some normal Pratchett phrases that stick with you. There was an unfortunate running joke that was too crude for my tastes.
I liked it, but it wasn't nearly one of my favorites. No quotes this time. Typing one handed with a baby on your lap is too slow.

Making Money. Terry Pratchett. HarperCollins. 2007

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