Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Blue Girl

I like Charles de Lint, he writes faintly New Age-y novels set in Canada. They usually involve mortals interacting with fairies and other mythical creatures in a modern city setting.
This one is a Young Adult novel, with the protagonist being a teenage girl. She moves to the city and is making some big life changes: leaving her former gang-banger lifestyle for a more sedate one. Since this is her choice, there is a lot said about choice and inner strength and believing in yourself and that type of stuff. As far as YA novels go it was pretty good, not too preachy, but getting the message across.
I like de Lint's use of fairies in an urban setting. They go to clubs, hang around musicians and cause trouble in purely modern ways, as they have adapted to humanity's changes too. And the bad soul-sucking fairies in this novel are repelled by the color blue. As the heroine finds out when she accidentally overdoses on some protective magic and gets turned completely blue. Good thing its near Halloween. And I've never read a book where the bad guys are conquered using blue paint, but it works pretty well.
It was a pretty good book. I think I would have liked it better twenty years ago and that a literate teenage girl would enjoy it.

The Blue Girl. Charles de Lint. Firebird Imprint of Penguin Books. 2004

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