Monday, October 29, 2007

Clothed With Charity

This is one of the Women's Conference books. I really love these books but I can't pay twenty-five dollars for each. But I found this one at the used bookstore. You can also get them on good discount from Deseret Book after a year or two.
I had almost forgotten to enter this one on the list because I read it really fast one weekend. I try to be good reading my scriptures and the Ensign and stuff, but these books always feel like water to my parched soul. There is just something about the stories and the life experiences of all these women that mean a lot me.
A lot of the articles in this book were about writing; writing in journals or writing about scriptures or just writing to write. Since I have started this and have been making the best effort towards journal writing since my mission it felt particularly pertinent.
Just talking about it makes me want to reread it again, more slowly to drink it in again. But that will have to wait until after Halloween. Making costumes is occupying most of my time right now.

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