Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Serpent and The Rose

The little blurb on the top of this book almost made me put it back: "FORBIDDEN MAGIC, FORBIDDEN LOVE." I honestly wonder who does the blurbs on the back of books. I think more good books are done in by a bad back cover than any other reason.
Despite that I brought it home from the library and it was a good story. David read it too and got into it; he stayed up late to finish it.
It is a bare bones plot of the war that began with the destruction of the Knights Templar but with that as a base and lots of magic added. Since it starts with vaguely Christian imagery David was annoyed when some Earth Mother magic was introduced. I guess it didn't bother me that much because that is one of the trendy things to do in fantasy and I've seen it a lot. I enjoy books that that a true Christian theme and work with it, like The Doomsday Book I've already mentioned. This was not of that caliber and it is pretty unusual to see honest religious thought in a novel. I think writing nice Earth Mother type things is easier and you can do whatever you want without dealing with any theological minefields. In other words, I think it is so common because it is easier. The same reason that type of general "spirituality" exists in our own world, it is easy, not a lot of rules or commandments, just do what you like and think slightly elevated thoughts occasionally.
This is the first in a trilogy. I will probably read the others. I have a hard time finding things I like, so I mostly go for things I don't actively dislike. A poor way to choose books, but the things I would prefer to read, especially when I am feeling mentally alert, aren't available so much. This is a small library and Deseret Book's books are expensive. I would like to read the biographies of the prophets and the new books that come out from the apostles, but the only things that get to the library are some of the more popular LDS fiction, which I don't like much. Oh well.
The Serpent and the Rose. Kathleen Bryan. Tor Books. 2007

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