Friday, November 2, 2007

The Greatest War Stories Never Told

I picked this one up for Ryan, he has been into "war stories" lately. The school librarian gave him a war stories book that had him worked up for weeks. She said she has an animals in war book he might like too. She is in our ward which is handy since my boys bring books home, take them to their rooms and I never see them to make them go back to school.
I'm glad I decided to read it first. It was connected to a series on the History Channel so it was just a page per anecdote and only took me about half an hour to read. But some of the stories were not what I would like Ryan to be reading. Like the one about Theodora, Empress of the Byzantine Empire, who started life as an "exotic dancer."
I did like the one about the CIA spending a ton of money to develop a way to use electronically implanted cats as listening devices, then when they let the prototype out of the van, it immediately got run over by a car. That ended the project pretty quickly.
I hate stories that say "never told" or something like that. You expect it to have lots of new stuff, but I had heard most of these stories before. It was more like greatest stories not brought up regularly on the news but hanging around here and there. Oh well, a quick browsing book, not for eight-year-olds though.

The Greatest War Stories Never Told. Rick Beyer. Collins. 2005

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Jenny said...

Ryan never ceases to amaze me. I know being your first you're somewhat used to him but it must be fun for you (a very intelligent person) To have a son who is also very intelligent. His idiosycrasies make life challenging but interesting too. It is great that you are enough of a free spirit to let him explore what is important in his world and know where to limit it.