Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hatch's Order of Magnitude

I actually bought this book for Ryan, because he is constantly asking what is the biggest, smallest, best, worse, whatever. It is basically a book of lists, starting from one end of a scale and moving to the other. For example: Amount of Sleep
  1. Wink
  2. Power nod
  3. Power nap
  4. Afternoon nap
  5. REM cycle
  6. A good night's rest
  7. Sleep like the dead
  8. Coma
  9. Permanent vegetative state
  10. The Big Sleep

So stuff like that, completely arbitrary because it is made up by the author with a minimum of research, but I thought he would like it. But David noticed some categories I had missed while browsing, so I needed to go through it more closely, with a black Sharpie in hand, e.g. levels of chastity, breast size, and levels of affection, male and female. So I will remove a few pages and hope he doesn't mind a few black marks in his book.

So it is included in this list because I have now read every word including some that no one will read again out of this particular volume.

Hatch's Order of Magnitude: Methodical Rankings of the Commonplace and the Incredible for Daily reference, by a Man of Extraordinary Genius and Impeccable Taste. Michael Hatch. Writer's Digest Books. 2007


Hatch said...

howdy! I'm the author of HOOM, and I love that you picked up a copy. Do you have any feedback that would be helpful on a second addition? thanks, and have a great weekend.


Hatch said...

oh, right, my email

the end.