Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No Graves as Yet

This is a novel set just before WWI and while on the surface it was a mystery, it also explores the idea of what kind of peace would be worse than entering a war.
A young man's parents are killed as they are traveling. His brother reveals that the father was bringing a document to him; one that would reveal a terrible plot that would destroy England and blot its honor forever. So the plot revolves not only around who killed the parents, but what is this terrible plot and how does it relate to the events in Yugoslavia. The murder of the parents happens the same day that Archduke Ferdinand was killed and sparked the beginnings of WWI.
It is interesting to me to read these type of novels that take place just before an important event. We all know what happened in the end, but the characters fret and worry about whether Britain will enter the war, and think the "Irish Question" is more important. Afterward it is hard to remember the how things were before the war changed everything.
I have been interested in British history and WWI really changed a way of life more that any other war. Think Mary Poppins. That smug, secure, upper class existence was gone after the war, then the depression, then the next war. The first half of the Twentieth Century was cataclysmic to England. Things changed dramatically in the US too, but not as fast, and we were going up. Great Britain was losing a lot of her institutions, social habits and a lot of her empire.
This is the first in a series. I will probably read the others too. I like Anne Perry. She has led a very interesting life and now she is LDS. She writes a monthly column on the LDS website Meridian that I read occasionally.

No Graves as Yet. Anne Perry. Ballantine Books. 2003

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