Friday, November 16, 2007

P.G. Wodehouse

This book is one of those omnibus editions, it has five Wodehouse novels:The Return of Jeeves, Bertie Wooster Sees It Through, Spring Fever, The Butler Did It and The Old Reliable. P.G. Wodehouse is one of the authors that everybody hears about but not so many people read any more.
They are really funny, but slightly dated. They were mostly written in the 50s and have that same feel. The plots tend to be similar, revolving around marriage and money. It is sort of like Jane Austen on laughing gas, all giddy and trying not to take serious things very seriously.
This would be a much better book to own than to check out from the library. Wodehouse is very funny, but trying to read all this in a short amount of time so as to return it to the library, things get repetitive. I've noticed that almost all authors have favorite phrases and metaphors, which isn't unexpected, but when you read several books in a row this can get irritating.
When I was on bed rest while pregnant with Bridget, I would have David bring me all of a given author at a time from the library. I could tell the really good ones easily, because their style didn't start to grate by the time I was done with the stack.
David had never read Wodehouse before and I knew he had picked it up because I could hear him laughing from downstairs. So I will probably get him a single Wodehouse novel, since I have to return this one to the library, I've already renewed it once.

Five Complete Novels: P.G. Wodehouse. Gramercy Books. 1983.

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