Friday, November 2, 2007

A Sorcerer and a Gentleman

I didn't like this one very much. I kept reading petty much only because it was around in the places where I read. I have been to busy to do much reading lately. I actually finished this one over a week ago.
Some books try to be "avant-guard" or intellectual by messing with the conventions of fiction story-telling. Some, not many, succeed. This wasn't one of them. The author tries to create suspense by artificially ending scenes then making you wait for the middle of the next chapter to find out what actually happened. It does make you keep reading to find out what happened but it is also very irritating. If I was telling you a story then quit in the middle and then called you a week later to talk about something unrelated and then dropped in the middle of the conversation, "Oh yeah, about that thing I was talking about last week, here's what happened." It would have the same effect.
There was also a person who was developed like she would be a major character then killed off-screen (so to speak) and dropped in a couple of paragraphs. And an abortion. Only a mild curiosity in what was going to happen kept me going, then it didn't really end, just the fuzzy conclusion of a book obviously intended to start a long series. I haven't seen any other books by this author, so I don't think the rest of the series turned up. No great loss.

A Sorcerer and a Gentleman. Elizabeth Willey. Tor. 1995

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