Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Angels in the Gloom

This is the third of Anne Perry's WWI novels. It takes place immediately after the second one and continues the themes she began earlier. I liked it. It helps place some of the important events of WWI that I have in my mind, but with no anchors to say exactly when each took place.
I also like reading a book that gives me the feeling of what certain events meant to the people at the time, not to historians who came later and said, well, because of this, these things happened.
The fighting at Gallipolli in Turkey is represented, as well as the sinking of the Luisitania. I have heard these things before, but I understand them in more of a context now
Especially what the war at sea meant to Britain. I guess living in the United States you don't think much about how isolated living on an island would be. Especially for things they couldn't manufacture themselves, like guns and such. As well, with most of the young men out fighting, I'm sure they were importing a lot of their food. In the middle parts of WWI, the German submarine were trying their best to blockade England and starve her out of the war. This was in the days before radar or anything like that. U-boats were invisible until they attacked. That would have been terrifying for anyone traveling the Atlantic, but especially for the British naval ships assigned to protecting convoys and hunting down the subs.

I have really enjoyed this series. I have to get this set of books back to the library because I owe who knows how much in fines, but I will also have to get the last two of this series.

Angels in the Gloom. Anne Perry. Ballantine. 2005

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