Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bedlam, Bath, and Beyond

Some days I just am not picky enough. I have been playing catch up for a bad couple of weeks after Christmas. I read more when I am feeling depressed and it matters less what it is I am reading. So I had a Mommy's Night Out a few weeks ago and the bookstore, and library were both closed, so I went to the grocery store to find a book. They always have such a wonderful selection.
I got this and realized after I started reading that it was more of a romance than a fantasy and that there are whole recognized genres of romance plus other stuff. I knew about historical romance, and avoided it as much as possible. Now there are mystery romance and fantasy romance and paranormal romance to be avoided as much as possible. I skipped large chunks of stuff I didn't need that was irrelevant to the plot. That is my main complaint. I don't mind a romance in a book per se, I just don't like the extra junk that gets put in on top.
So it was a book, when I needed to get away, and that is about it.

Bedlam, Bath and Beyond. J.D. Warren. Dorchester Publishing. 2008

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