Monday, February 25, 2008

The Decoy Princess

I bought this while I was in Florida. I went to "the largest bookstore in Florida." I wasn't impressed. Sam Wellers is way better and I think even the Barnes and Noble in Salt Lake, the one with two floors, is bigger. I guess they aren't big readers in Florida? Tracie, have you noticed a decrease in your literacy since moving down there? ;)
I haven't read anything by the author before, although the jacket says she has a few other books out. This was a good book. A nice, rather light-hearted fantasy that still managed to keep a tight plot and even have seemingly small things from earlier in the book be important later. A lot of times when an author wants to do that they highlight the seemingly non important thing so strongly it is no longer non-important and it is only obvious that it will be important later. And I find that annoying. But it is difficult to do well, even Hawthorne had trouble with that, see The Scarlet Letter for example.
A nice little almost romance, but not of the type that becomes intrusive or annoying, and the heroine doesn't become a total imbecile in the presence of attractive men, which is also a little pet peeve of mine. When it comes to books I have a whole menagerie of pet peeves.
I'll probably look up the next book in the series when I get to the end of my current projected reading list, which is a bit long right now.

The Decoy Princess. Dawn Cook. Ace Fantasy. 2005

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