Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Every Boy's Got One

This was an experiment, that didn't go all that badly. Normally I avoid this genre like the plague, not because I don't think I might like it, but because they tend to be horribly trashy. But this one was written by the same author who wrote the Princess Diaries, so I decided to try it.
Usually I get 5 or 6 books when I go to the library because at least on or two will be unreadable for some reason. This one surprised me. It didn't have any foul language, that I can remember, and there wasn't much sex at all.
It was a funny little light romance. Just the type of light fluff I have been looking for lately. The biggest problem I had is that these books are such quick reads. It takes four of them to equal one big Science fiction novel, five to equal one of the Winston Churchill books I have been plowing through lately.
This book was set up a bit differently. Rather than being just a straight narrative, it was a series of diaries, emails and other things used to show what happened. The best bit of the book was the last few pages where the author showed how similar the book was to what really happened to her when she decided to elope to Italy.
A fine way to kill an hour or two or so. Quite funny, especially if you are female. I don't think a guy would like it as much.

Every Boy's Got One. Meg Cabot. Avon Trade. 2005

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