Friday, February 22, 2008

Life Expectancy

This was a very helpful book. I took it with me to the car dealership and discovered that I could read a 330 page book in 2 hours, so I read about 160 pages an hour. That is nice to know and explains a bit how I can read so many books. It also left me with two hours to kill since I was there for a little over four hours. Anybody interested in starting a Toyota Dealership in Southeastern Utah? There is no competition and the nearest one in 110 miles away. The dealership in Grand Junction is awful and slow, but the nearest other one in is Provo. Although with the kind of waits I've been having, it would almost be worth the extra time.
So, complaints about the auto industry aside, this was a pretty good book. I read a bit of Dean Koontz right after my mission and didn't really get into it, so I have avoided it ever since. From what I can remember I think his writing has improved in the 15 odd years since I read him last.
But, sorry Alan and Camille, I thought it was a pretty standard thriller. I mean it is nice that the blood, gore and sex of a Stephen King novel weren't here, but then this was nowhere near as exciting or keep the lights on scary as one of his books either.
I also get annoyed by strange and silly plot devices. The long lost twin brother is pretty stale, as well as the surprise paternity revealed at the end, and the evil clown and a few other surprises that were surprises, but not unexpected ones. I did like the use of the main character being a baker, with the shift in hours it implied, and you did feel a sympathy and connection to the characters. That was much better that Stephen King (who I don't read anymore, too creepy and gross), his characters tended to annoy me and these were endearing. An odd choice of words for a thriller, but they were nice in a cute, you would like to have them over for dinner, kind of way.

Life Expectancy. Dean Koontz. Bantam. 2004

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