Friday, February 15, 2008

The Prince of Ill Luck

So I've been looking for light-hearted things, something funny to relax with and to take on the trip to Florida. I looked at this and the front said "The most delightfully funny books I've read in my life." Marion Zimmer Bradley. That sounded encouraging, so I checked out this book, and the two others that went with it.
So after reading it, I must say that Ms Bradley must have had a remarkable dull and boring life if these were funniest book she has ever read. It wasn't a bad book, in fact I enjoyed it and David got stuck in it and stayed up too late to finish reading it.
It was a story of misadventures, the type of things that are funny later, and maybe if you are retelling the story to someone else, but not particularly while you are reading it. I think this is the first book I've ever read in which a horse was one of the main characters without fulling anthropomorphizing the horse (making it human with four legs). I liked that. I have become a bit more aware of the craftsmanship involved in writing a novel and I can spot and appreciate details that are good and unusual more that I have in the past.

The Prince of Ill Luck. Susan Dexter. Del Rey. 1994

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