Monday, February 11, 2008


I hate it when an author I thought I liked writes something totally different. I can understand the need to do something different once in a while, but I think it should have a warning: Alert, this is not like her other novels, so watch out.
Of course, it has been a few years since I read this author's other stuff so maybe it wasn't as good as I'd remembered. I read some novels by Melanie Rawn while we still lived in Las Vegas, so it was a number of years ago and I remember being really irritated that she had never finished the two trilogies that I read of hers. She explains in the afterward of this book that she has been suffereing from depression and has barely gotten to the point of being able to write again, and she needed to do something different, so she wrote this more modern, fantasy in the city, type of book.
Now I really understand about the whole depression thing, and I am amazed that she could write at all while still struggling with it, even a book I didn't particularly like. But this was too long, and had way to much sex in it and it seemed contrived and on the whole, annoying. Don't ask me why I kept reading it, I just did. That is one of my worst habits, reading-wise anyway, to keep reading something even after I've decided I didn't like the book all that much. I guess since I read so fast it isn't as big of a waste of my time as it would be if it didn't take me only an hour or two to finish.
But now I am curious about her other novels I read before, were they good, or was I at one of the low points I get to occassionally in which I will read and even like almost anything? I'll have to see next time I go to the library.

Spellbinder. Melanie Rawn. Tor. 2006

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