Friday, February 15, 2008

The True Knight

This is the third of the Susan Dexter books. I got them to read on the flight and in airports. This one I wouldn't have finished if I hadn't been sitting in an airport. I had a hard time caring about the people and the plot didn't seem to got anywhere. David said there were a few really good bits and it felt like she just made up something to connect the parts that she wanted to write.
The author also alludes to the fact she is involved in Renaissance faires and re-creations and she went into too much detail about knights and all that stuff. I'll admit, I like it when I know the author is writing from some knowledge and not just making stuff up after seeing too many King Arthur movies. But the authenticity should come into the story naturally, not be forced in and making the reader feel like they have to read two pages of Medeival History 101 for each page of story.

The True Knight. Susan Dexter. Del Rey. 1995

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