Friday, February 15, 2008

We Shall Not Sleep

This is the last of Anne Perry's WWI novels. It had a good ending. Some authors seem to have trouble ending things well, especially if it has taken 5 books to get to the end. But the ultimate bad guy was exposed, and the war ended, not quite a surprise ending. Again, I would have had more to say about this, but I read it a month ago and now I can't really remember the thoughts I had. What I did like was that moral courage was the focus and not some hair-brained hero rushing all alone to confront the bad guy in some stupid way that will almost get him or her killed. That is one of the cliches of mystery novels that really bug me, and why I don't read many when I am feeling fully mentally competent.

We Shall Not Sleep. Anne Perry. Ballantine. 2007

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