Friday, February 15, 2008

The Wind-Witch

This is the next book after The Prince of Ill Luck. It doesn't have that silly quote by Marion Zimmer Bradley on it, so I guess it is not as funny as the last one.
It was a nice story. A young woman learns how to use her abilities for others and how to deal with the destructive nature of calling up hurricanes. Occasionally it can be good, as when Vikings have established a base on an outlying island. Warn everyone else and wash the bad guys away. I must admit, it was one of the more novel ways I've ever seen of getting rid of invaders. This was a reasonably good book. Good exactly for the purpose I got it from the library for; to read in little bits here and there or just before going to bed to wind down.

The Wind-Witch. Susan Dexter. Del Rey. 1994

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