Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3rd Degree

So I thought maybe Cross was a fluke and Patterson is a better writer than that. There was another of his novels in the box so I read it as well. Not as bad as the other one, but then he had a co-writer. A nice plot idea, modern terrorists in USA, who are using the causes of the late 60s as a starting point.
But I still feel like his characterizations are weak. Each book seems lacking in reasons to like these main characters, like he uses the extended time of a series to replace actual character development in a single novel. I think what bugs me most is that I can see he is a lazy writer.
He has a good idea, but seems reluctant to put the time in to make a tight plot, and characters that work together and you care about. A lot of cliches thrown in the pot and stirred around a lot. I wasn't impressed, still don't know why people buy this guy's work enough to make it on the best seller list.

3rd Degree. James Patterson & Andrew Gross. Warner Book. 2004

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jen said...

It seems the obvious difference between an author like this and one that actually works at writing is money.
You can tell if the author is writing for the pleasure and craft or if he's got a contract to fulfill and wants to buy a summer home in Spain.
Stephen King could be the exception. He does seem to enjoy writing and the craft of it, but I don't know that it is work for him anymore to pump out such similar books.