Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Brother Odd

This book drove me nuts. I liked it better than the other Dean Koontz novel I read recently, EXCEPT for the silly quantum physics in it which made me want to yell at the author and tell him to give up his subscription to Popular Science, since that seemed as in depth as his research went.
I liked the characters, other than they seemed a bit slow to figure out what the reader could figure out in the first third of the book. And there were some cliches and very obvious bits, but that seems par for the course for a Koontz novel. That's OK, books like this aren't intended for a heavy analysis. But the science thing drove me nuts and made it so I really disliked the book by the end. Either do some research or write about some thing you know about, don't just toss buzz words in and expect everybody to follow along. Lazy writers bug me. I know I am lazy but I don't try and pass my shoddy housekeeping off as anything but. If you expect people to pay money to buy your books you should put some craftsmanship into it. You can tell the difference.

Brother Odd. Dean Koontz. Bantam Books. 2006

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