Friday, March 21, 2008

The Conspiracy Club

This was a good mystery. It was written by the husband of an author I read previously, she wrote The Ritual Bath. Which I also liked. This one had a lot of weird things that helped you get into the story and want to find out what was happening. A few red herrings and misdirection were also done very well. Most of the time I can tell what is pertinent to the story and what is stuck in just to mess you up but this was written very skillfully.
The one complaint I had is that the guilty party is someone we don't meet at all until the end. That is annoying. There are certain unspoken rules about mysteries, and one of them is the killer should be someone we have seen, even just briefly, before in the book. Whenever it is not I can't help but think the author cheated. I guess it all depends on if you think the book is a mystery or a thriller. Thrillers don't have those sorts of rules. It is a free-for-all with anything that can get the reader's heart pumping allowed.

The Conspiracy Club. Jonathan Kellerman. Ballantine. 2003


Karla said...

I have been looking for a blog like yours: book reviews written by an LDS woman. I'm glad that I found you. I am a member of our Relief Society Book Club and it is so hard to find titles for our group to read. It's great to read your reviews.

readerMom said...

Be careful about some of them though. I tend to not like the same sort that our R.S. book club reads. But if you enjoy these I'm glad.