Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Temptation, thy name is Sharon Leavitt. My next door neighbor brought over a box full of books that she had been given and then finished, so she gave them to me. Mostly they are things I don't read unless I'm pregnant or feeling especially brain-dead or shopping for a book at the grocery store. Best sellers, thrillers, even a few romances. They are also incredibly fast to read. I think I read this one in little over an hour.
So I sorted the box and about a third I'm not even going to try, and another third I'm embarrassed to say I have already read, So only a few more to go. I mean its like giving a box of Godiva -strike that, they aren't that good of books,- M&Ms to a chocolate addict on a diet.
So anyway, I am completely confused as to why James Patterson is on the best seller list. This book was awful. If it wasn't so short I would have quit. I've decided a good way to see how good an author is is length of chapters. If most of them are only two or three pages long, its a gimmick to flesh out the novel and make it feel more like you are getting your money's worth. I didn't really care for the main character, most of the story was flashbacks and the actual plot pretty thin. And lots of blood as a replacement for suspense. I hate it when I don't mind if anyone gets killed.

Cross. James Patterson. Little, Brown & Co. 2006

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