Monday, March 31, 2008

The First Counsel

I think this is the last of the books from the box from my neighbor. Cammie, do you want them? If not I will just give them to the thrift store.

Anyway, this one was very similar to the other book of his I read, The Book of Fate. It is a political thriller, set in the White House, or more properly among the staff at the White House. And has several characters damaged by things that have happened in their past that they can't let go of. It was a pretty good thriller. If I was in an airport or grocery store and wanted to buy a book, I would choose his over a lot of other standard best sellers you find out there.

The big plot surprise was slightly predictable. I had suspicions about it from the beginning, just because those types of things are pretty trendy right now, but I wasn't sure until almost the end. That is better than average.

It did have an intense plot that kept you wanting to read. And the characters were good for the purpose, meaning they were not so likable. Any of the people surrounding the main character could be the one setting him up because they are all slightly not-likable. So you spend the entire book suspicious of everyone, which is the goal of the good thriller writer. You want to be in the same sort of suspense that the characters are in.

The First Counsel. Brad Meltzer. Warner Vision. 2001


Cammie said...

That is a bribe if ive ever heard one. Maybe one of these days I will get down there but with all the moving and hassle it probably wont be anytime soon. BUT if you are plannin on coming down here again soon id love to have em.

jendoop said...

Why can't someone give me a box of books?