Monday, March 31, 2008

First Truth

This is by the same author of another book, The Decoy Princess. I'm starting to repeat on authors here. I liked The Decoy Princess and so did David, so when we were in Barnes & Noble on a date night we got this one, just to see how it was.
I really liked it, enough that I ordered the sequel from our local bookstore, but I'll write about that one later.
The funny thing about First Truth is that I can't point to one single thing I thought was really good, but as a whole, it was. The characters, and the plot, and the whole fantasy world all work very well together. The characters are humorous, but not so much they are just caricatures. The plot travels along well enough, but not so much to keep you up all night. Which is a good thing when your kids have to get up for school and want to be fed and all that stuff no matter how late you were up.
It was just a good book to read, to share bits of with your husband, and to quietly enjoy when you need a bit of a break.

First Truth. Dawn Cook. Ace Fantasy. 2002

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