Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On What Grounds

This is another book from the box. It is a coffeehouse mystery. Another in a long line of specific gimmick mysteries. There are catering, chocolate, herbs, tea, antiques and quite a few cat themed mysteries. I've only seen one dog one though, I wonder why? They are usually aimed at middle aged women, so they have less blood, guts and swearing and more recipes and shopping. Unfortunately they are also more than usually predictable.
In most of them the new to the series male that hits on the female lead is the killer, though sometimes they make his ex the jealous killer. And you have to have some sort of relationship with the investigating police officer, in several they end up getting married after a few books.
This was a pretty standard example. I didn't really care for the coffee aspect of things, but I can ignore that part, after all I read a lot of books in which alcohol plays a part and I don't drink either.
And I must admit, I didn't guess who the killer was until right before you found out anyway. Though the author did cheat and not introduce the killer until near the end of the book. Not too bad for a female type mystery.

On What Grounds. Cleo Coyle. Berkley Mystery. 2003

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