Monday, March 3, 2008

Only You Can Save Mankind

This is a Terry Pratchett book we haven't read yet. It was written back in the early 90s. I think the most interesting part of the book was the forward explaining the few changes the author made when it was reissued. "If you were away from home you had to use a phone attached by a wire to the wall. It was terrible." It is funny to watch old movies, or not even that old movies and see how things have changed in just the last five or ten years. Watching someone talk on a cell phone the size of a brick and feel cool about it is pretty funny.
This is a lot like the movie the Last Starfighter. Same basic premise. Or so David told me, I haven't actually seen that movie. It was alright, but nothing wonderful. Pratchett has definitely gotten better as a writer over the last fifteen years.

Only You Can Save Mankind. Terry Pratchett. HarperTrophy. 1992

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