Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Through the Grinder

This is the second, I think, of the coffeehouse mysteries. Everything I said about the previous one applies to this one. Lots of romance and more sex, including a passage that I skipped. That gets annoying. If I wanted sex scenes I would get Harlequins. Why do people think if they are writing for adults they have to show that stuff? I really don't need details, what happens is mostly pretty standard.
And it was the jealous ex this time. Knew it pretty quick too. If it had taken me more than an hour or so to read it I would have quit. But it did change the ending in that not only did the psycho ex fall off the building, but the romantic interest saves the lead and falls of the building and dies to save her (sniff, sniff).

Through the Grinder. Cleo Coyle. Berkley Mystery. 2004

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