Monday, April 28, 2008

The Apocalypse Troll

My hip was bothering me the other night, so I put ice on it and read this book. It is a military science fiction. I like David Weber because he explains the jigs and manoeuvres of a fighting air(space)craft very well, although sometimes I feel like I need to get a pen and paper out to diagram what is going on.
Not any great innovations in this one, in fact I bought it at the library book sale because they were getting rid of it. The actions is set in 2007, where the problems in Bosnia are causing international discord. So the guesswork for the future was a bit off. Science fiction ages best when the time spans are way too far away for the author to be proved wrong.
A good night's read, but nothing spectacular.

The Apocalypse Troll. David Weber. Baen. 1999

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jendoop said...

With a title like that I would have guessed a storyline more like Good Omens.