Thursday, April 17, 2008


This is the first in a large series, so I thought I would try it to see if I would have a bunch of new books to read. I will have to be pretty desperate I think. It wasn't a bad book, but it depends a lot on reincarnation and I can't decide if that is going to bug me too much.
Normally I can just pass things like this off and not worry about it, but this time as I was reading I realized what a hopeless philosophy it seemed to be. How awful would life be if you could never repent and leave your foolishness and weaknesses behind. If in every life you had to make up for the things you messed up in the previous ones you would never catch up. I can't see all that many people being so good in a lifetime that they would be able to make up for past lives as well as live their own well enough not to mess themselves up in the future.
It was another aspect of the atonement that I realized I don't appreciate enough. Just knowing that I can repent and start over without the baggage from everything wrong I've done trailing behind me like an embarrassing piece of toilet paper stuck to my shoe is wonderfully comforting. I still have to work on the repenting properly and not making the same mistake over and over, but at least I know it is possible and can be done.
So I suppose this was a good book, just in the reflections I had from reading it.

Daggerspell. Katharine Kerr. Bantam Books. 1986

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jendoop said...

Loved your analogy of our sins trailing behind us a like a piece of TP stuck to our shoe. :)
I often wonder how horrid it would be to try to get out of bed every morning if we still had the weight of every sin on our shoulders.