Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Engines of God

I need to not read anything from this author for a while. They are too good and I get stuck in it. I have never developed the ability to put a book on hold in my head while I do other things. I should work on it more, but I am not thinking about it until it is 1:00 in the morning and I feel dumb because I just did it again. Even if I do have enough will power to stop, if it is a good book it stays in my thoughts all day until I can get back to it. The worst is when I started reading the Wheel of Time series. I was unemployed at the time and I read six, 700 page books in a week. I was dreaming about the books and couldn't think of anything else. It is a good thing my obsessions are easily cured though. Once I got to the end and there wasn't anymore to read it burned itself out. That is one of the major dangers of the Internet. Now when you get into something like that you can go online and find others who feel the same way and keep each other fired up. I finished this one in one night, just like the other one by McDevitt, A Talent For War.
They are like sci-fi archeology. With a mystery and a puzzle and really good characters.
The pacing of the plot I especially enjoyed, he reveals things just enough that you have to keep reading because each piece of the puzzle just makes it that much more interesting. And good plots twists and surprises and people that you more or less care about. He is not afraid to kill people off either. And while in real life that is not a good thing, with an author it is definitely a plus. It adds to the tension and mystery of a book when you know that just about anyone could get killed off.

The Engines of God. Jack McDevitt. Ace Books. 1994

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jendoop said...

One day when you have time to write a book I hope I'm smart enough to enjoy it.