Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Talent For War

This was a hard sci-fi novel. Meaning space ships and a pretty dense plot full of details. It had the sort of plot that really draws you in. Though what is it with novels and the incomprehensible prologue? It is like the author is saying "I have a secret, and you are going to have to read the whole book to find out what it is. Ha!"
I liked this one, the story was almost a flashback, as the main character inherits a mystery and investigates the main character in a galaxy-wide war. He seemed to have some cynicism in relationship to the politics of war; it amazed me to discover this book was written in 1989. It felt very relevant to the silly political things that go on today. Though I suppose those political things have always been part of war, since if politics goes right there is no need for war. It also got me into an interesting conversation. I was reading it at the Diner, having a Mommy Night out when one of the men working there, I think he is part owner, came by and was snooping my book. Everyone who reads a lot does this. So we started talking about science fiction, the lack of good books at the local library and bookstore, and what we had been reading lately. It was fun to have a conversation like that out of the blue. He recommended some things that I know I have seen at the library, so I have something new to look forward to.

A Talent For War. Jack McDevitt. Ace Books. 1989

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jendoop said...

Nice to find a fellow bookie. I try not to be too obvious when I check out others' books, but maybe I should, I'd find more friends.