Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hidden Truth

Here I am playing catch up again. I am not nearly as good at this blog thing as I wish I was. When I'm in the mood to read I don't feel like writing and vice-versa.
This is the sequel to First Truth. I liked it. It takes a lot of talent to make nothing happening for a whole book still seem interesting. The plot all revolves on learning and the kind of character driven things that aren't usually in fantasy books and that I usually avoid like the plague because they focus on why someone life is so messed up and what they are doing to make it even worse.
AND two people who like and are moving into the love territory actually spend an entire winter in the same place, associate with each other every day and don't have sex. Its nice to see that self-control is still a part of the non-Mormon world too. I didn't actually notice that. David has read this too and he pointed it out to me.
We will probably get the other two books in this series, but not for a while because I have bought way too many books lately and David is starting to give me the "hairy eyeball" when I come home with new ones.
And oddly enough, when the main characters don't figure something out that the reader has seen coming for chapters it didn't bug me so much this time. Maybe I'm just in a better mood lately.

Hidden Truth. Dawn Cook. Ace Fantasy. 2002

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jendoop said...

I'd never heard of "hairy eyeball" but I know exactly what you are talking about. I get the big sigh and a moaned, "OK" when I buy too much. Ah the unwritten languages of love :)