Saturday, May 24, 2008

Infinity Beach

Another book that I read while I was down with the stomach flu. The last couple have been and the next one. Then I felt better and have been reading heftier books that take me a long time to finish. Which is good because I got behind. I said that I would record the books I read, at least for the first year of this thing. So you all have to put up the with book reviews of everything I read until September, then maybe I'll be more choosy.
This was another archeology in space book. I didn't like it much. Too many things seemed strained and unlikely. For example, the one that really jumped out at me was if you are going exploring in a house that has been deserted for twenty years it wouldn't be completely ruined in that amount of time. Not to the point of collapsing beams and rotten floors. Not even in a modern house, much less some future super-cool house. There seemed to be a lot of little things like that in this book, like the author didn't quite take the time and care with this one as he has some of his others. Oh well, I suppose we all have off days.

Infinity Beach. Jack McDevitt. HarperPrism. 2000

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