Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yuck- NB

This describes the last two days at my house:

This actually started last week when Bridget threw up in the grocery store. Since then someone has been ill nearly ever day. Then the crescendo Monday night when (in order) Joshua, David, Maggie and then me got sick. So, I have learned some things over the last week or so.

1. A three year old will not throw up in a bowl, don't try, you will only make her throw up somewhere really unpleasant in an effort to get away from it.
2. A Mother should have a purse that can be washed if it is thrown up on (in). I didn't last week, I do now, . Though oddly enough the bag I bought is not shown here.
3. You should have enough bedding for many people to be sick and still have something to sleep on.
3. (b) Thank Heaven for large capacity washers.
3. (c) Thank Heaven it is warm and Ellie was the only one with two blankets on her bed.
4. Bunk beds with the bottom bigger than the top gives the top child a BETTER TARGET.
5. Do not serve Kool-Aid if there is even a tiny little itsy bitsy chance that anyone might have been exposed to anything that would make them throw up.
6. I used to think the best way to get a child not to throw up again was to give them a bowl. I do not think this any longer. I also think I need more big bowls.
7. For some reason Maggie calls throw up "dropses." As in "There is dropses on the couch where I threw up" and "That's Joshua's dropses, it's icky."

So I have been busy and not busy but too sick to do anything for several days now. I have read a lot of books because I was too sick to be asleep, but also too sick to get up, but I have to play catch up in a very stinky house. Nothing got cleaned up more than was necessary because Momma was sick too. so right now all I can say is YUCK!


jendoop said...

the vomit thesarus left us in stitches. Sorry to laugh at your pain. So weird to get the upchucks when its nice outside. Hope you're all better soon and that the laundry gods smile upon you.

Cammie said...

That card you sent me made me laugh even more after reading this. it gets better you say... HA HA!