Thursday, June 19, 2008

Comfort Me With Apples

This book is by a well-known food critic who has done other things like edit Gourmet magazine and such. I like reading biographies sometimes, but I always come away a little sad that so many choices in their lives could have been better if they had known about the gospel. This book I especially felt this way because while most of the book centers on beginning her food reviewing career, she spends a lot of time with her relationships, including her two affairs that eventually broke up her marriage.
On the purely career level it was fun reading as she learns her trade, has fiascoes and epiphanies and meets famous people early in their careers. She meets Danny Kaye, who loves to cook for her. That part I thoroughly enjoyed.
But it was so sad that she intertwined her enjoyment and love for food with affairs that caused her anguish and heartbreak. That her husband was using his art to do the same thing isn't really a good excuse. I know her life is good later on, and she eventually marries the man she left her husband for, but I wonder, after all is said and done, was the good worth the bad it took to get there?

Comfort Me With Apples. Ruth Reichl. Random House. 2001

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jendoop said...

Amen. Am I closed minded because I can't see it from their point of view? Judgemental? Like you said, such possibilities for happiness lost because they don't know where to find it.