Thursday, June 12, 2008

Forgotten Truth

This would be the third in the Truth series. The last two books were intense character studies, with only four people in the whole book, this one expands the view and brings in a city full of people. It was very character driven. The plot was pretty simple, but that didn't seem to matter that much.
Dawn Cook is very good at writing enjoyable characters.
There wasn't too much deep or memorable other than that. It was a good, fun read, good for a mental day off.

Forgotten Truth. Dawn Cook. Ace Fantasy. 2003

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jendoop said...

That would be interesting. It would take a good author to write a book with only 4 characters.

Do you ever have book whiplash? You read something so head and shoulders above the rest that whatever you read afterwards will pale in comparison? I guess in that situation reading a book you know to be crap would be a good solution.