Monday, June 2, 2008

God Wants a Powerful People

In my effort to have a better life I have decided to read more church books. I read enough, it shouldn't be that hard. The funny thing is, I resist reading them until I start and then I love them (mostly).
I really liked this one. I enjoy Sheri Dew's books. She seems to put things in a way that resonates with my mind. I can understand and feel enlightened. Unlike with a few others that I feel like I should be getting it, but just don't.
Some of the things that struck me in this book:

The only power available to mankind that cannot be misused is the power of the priesthood.
If the devil's voice was unpleasant, it would not persuade people to listen to it.
It is always dangerous to take counsel from anyone whose primary motive is building his or her own kingdom.-- This one really struck me because it is totally true, yet how often do we listen to people who have a TV show or book or whatever to sell. Not to insult anyone, but who do you think Oprah is really looking after?
Why do we seem to favor earthly counsel over the Lord's (then she gave a great list, ending with)
-Sometimes we're too proud.
-Sometimes we're lazy.
-Sometimes we're dumber than dirt (my favorite)
This life is not about perfection, it's about progression.

There were a lot more, but it all boils down to the fact that there is an incredible amount of power available to us each and every day in every aspect of our lives, but due to our own habits, whims and blocks, we don't use a fraction of what is available. I'm trying to be better, but one of the things about doing that, you suddenly see a whole bunch of other things that you need to improve on. It can be overwhelming, at least to me. So I've decided one thing at a time. Scriptures first. Now that I have a good habit and time for scriptures then I can work on finding a good habit and time for exercise, then on to something else.
It is amazing for me to think this way because for so long I've just been trying to hold on in the midst of the landslide that was my life. To feel that I can start climbing again is a great gift in and of itself. And I'm sure the landslides will come again, but maybe I can make it a little further up first.

God Wants a Powerful People. Sheri Dew. Deseret Book. 2007

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jendoop said...

I just read one of Sheri's books but I couldn't read another right away because they are similar. Her encouragement to reach for more than we settle with is good. One section talked about how pedestrian our prayers are, so true. Really reach for that higher power available, sky's not even the limit, higher than that!