Saturday, June 14, 2008

Playing the Shadow

This was a first for me. This book hasn't actually been published yet. The author let me read it to get opinions about it. Which was very cool. And it was good. I don't know the author personally, we just connected at a website we both frequent, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was at least the equal of any other book in this particular sub genre of fantasy I have read. It reminded me of Dawn Cooks' books and Brandon Sanderson.
It makes me happy to read new authors, who are very good. I hope that she can get her book published, because the world, or at least the world's readers, need more good books without the innuendo and easy sleaze that passes for entertainment now.
I'll probably not summarize the plot, because I always find it boring, but it was a light fantasy, social drama with an emphasis on dialogue and character development. So look for Kaylynn ZoBell's name, maybe she will be around someday. I hope so.

Playing the Shadow. Kaylynn ZoBell. Unpublished

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