Saturday, June 14, 2008


I got the Spellsinger books at the used book store in town, mostly for sentimental reasons. I really liked them when I was younger, late teens, early twenties. It is amazing how your tastes changes over the years. They aren't awful but they are heavy on the froth, so to speak.
There is a bit more swearing and vulgarity than I tolerate now and the amusing banter is more annoying than it used to be.
It is nice that I have matured a bit. I won't even try to read Piers Anthony, a great favorite in my later teen years. The problem with having matured is that I am pickier than I used to be so when I want something lighter it is harder to find, unless I disengage my brain. That is why I like Terry Pratchett so much, he is light, but not so light you have to put up with garbage to read it.
I am going to get rid of all the Spellsinger books, I've been whizzing through the others lately, but they are all very similar and I have a lot of other books I want on my books shelf.

Spellsinger. Alan Dean Foster. Warner Books. 1983

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