Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Great Deliverance

When we take trips as a family we borrow books on CD and other audio type entertainment from the library. On several trips we have listened to the stories of Maynard Moose, very funny renditions of fairy tales. In one of them, called Sleeping Beastly, when the beautiful princess first sees the hairy snoring beastly she says, "Oh, Igg, what a hideous sleeping beastly!"
So now, when something is icky or otherwise nasty I say "Igg, Igg." So though this was well written and had a good puzzle and all that good detective book stuff, the ending made me say "Oh, Igg." I wish someone would invent mind bleach, for all those things you didn't mean to put into your mind, but end up there anyway.

A Great Deliverance. Elizabeth George. Bantam. 1988

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jendoop said...

Thanks for the recommendation of Maynard Moose. Didn't we have a dog named Maynard while growing up? Or was it Moose?
I'd like mind bleach for the Patricia Cornwell books I once read.