Monday, July 14, 2008

The Royal Treatment

This was crude, vulgar, and absolutely lacking in lasting literary merit. That said, I really enjoyed it. Though I don't swear myself, sometimes I find it funny. I guess one part of adolescence that sticks with me. The formula of having someone lacking in social graces enter the royal world is popular and funny. But in this one the royal family isn't exactly the most formal either. The dialogue was very enjoyable. But if swearing bothers you at all, don't read this, don't even acknowledge that you know I read it. It's too hot to read serious important type books.


jendoop said...

I love the last sentence, 'too hot to read serious important type books'.
Right now I'm not reading much of anything, although the stack awaits me. Somehow everyone that visits me reads but I just watch them and think about napping.

Cammie said...

I LOVE THIS AUTHOR! Ive read many of her books and they always make me laugh out not much for serious important type books anyways....makes my brain melt faster