Monday, July 7, 2008

Swimming Without a Net

This was the literary equivalent of cotton candy. I have a weakness for them but only one at a time. I tend to get one when I have a Mommy's night out and then read it while I'm out so I don't have to admit to anyone I read it. Davidson writes silly supernatural romances. Sometimes the supernatural is higher, sometimes not. I do try to avoid the mostly romance ones because they tend to be heavy on the sex as well, which I don't appreciate.
They are quick, easy reads, good for a night out when I want to leave my responsibilities behind for a little while.

Hey look, I put the picture of the book in. Cool huh? Maybe I can make this thing look more interesting, though if you don't read much, it will still be boring, sorry.

Swimming Without a Net. Mary Janice Davidson. Jove Books. 2007

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