Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Mallorean

Since I read all the Belgariad, and the library is unjustly accusing me of having a book I've never seen, I thought I would just read all the rest of the David Eddings in a huge binge. David tried to do the same thing but got too irritated at the details to continue. These are good books, the characters are very enjoyable. Reading these books is like hanging out with friends that have a few quirks, but you love them so you ignore the obnoxious laugh or hogging all the pizza.

The last two books are interesting, I don't know of any other author that has gone back to a series and retold it, from a different character's perspective. Eddings does it twice. I enjoy these last two books, even though I know the story, because of the changes that happen because of a different character's viewpoint. Since you know and love the characters, the changes are enjoyable too. But I must admit, I skimmed some places towards the end. Too much Eddings gets boring after a while.


jendoop said...

I can't believe you just wrote for all the world to see that there is such a thing as too much Eddings!

readerMom said...

Well, you read 7 books by the same author in under a month and see how you feel. Even if it is your favorite author (which Eddings isn't)you will be sick of them. When I was on bed rest with Bridget I had David get me books by author from the library. I could write some really good papers on the writing styles, oft repeated phrases and repeated plot lines of a number of authors now.