Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Man With the Golden Torc

This was sort of a supernatural James Bond book. Very much like the old James Bond books, and the Sean Connery movies. It was fun and a good read. I've not been in the mood for much serious stuff lately. Summer has taken over my brain and I'm not up for much serious thinking.

Unfortunately we are going on vacation and that requires a lot of serious thinking on my part. Everyone else gets to go and have fun, I have to plan the whole thing, and since we are camping, make sure we have food and all the other necessities as well. I'm feeling grumpy about it at the moment. I'm sure I will enjoy it once we are gone, but right now its just a lot of work.

The Man With the Golden Torc. Simon Green. ROC. 2008

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jendoop said...

Oh so you've been enjoying the wide world of nature too. You have to grasp the golden moments and hold on for dear life, to make all the preparation worth it.