Friday, August 22, 2008


So, since I got back from vacation a week ago, does the fact that I am only writing about it now mean it took a week to recuperate? No, actually it means that I am a lazy butt with other things going on this week. The vacation itself went amazingly well, to the point of feeling it was a blessing from God to help me through everything else.
Though we got lost trying to get to Strawberry reservoir from Moab, (don't always trust Google, especially in regards to small windy roads over mountains) and rained on on three separate occasions in one day, the camping went better than expected. For only being the second time we have been camping as a family, the kids did pretty good.
David's brother's spare bed is very comfy, and getting enough sleep is a major component of a good vacation. Having their house as a base to go to every other night was helpful. I got to visit with both of my grandmothers in a way I haven't for years, on a one-on-one basis. I also got some one-on-one time with my husband, which was very welcome.
Thank you to all those who put up with us, or just put us up. If anyone that reads this has photos of my kids, could you share? The picture taking was the one part of the trip I failed at. I got three pictures, at the Davis county fair, and that is it.
Some highlights of the trip were: Bridget saying "BMMOOOMM!!" every time we saw a cow; Ryan learning the water slides are fun (he had a blast at Crystal Springs); David catching crawdads for the boys to eat (they didn't like them); visiting with our friends in Logan, whose children match ours very well, just a year behind; doing all my school shopping in a morning; Maggie up to her knees in mud at Sugarhouse park; and seeing a lot of people we love.
Now school has started and the ward activity is tomorrow so if I can get through the next day we should be able to calm down a little.

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jendoop said...

Talking to you and reading this post made me so homesick. We miss you so much.