Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bad Wife? -NB

I read this today. Now I feel like all women are crazy. Each in her own way, but we all do things because that is the way we are SUPPOSED to do them. Who told us this?
It took me a year and my husband gaining twenty pounds to finally hear him when he said I didn't have to bake goodies every Sunday to be a good wife. My mother did because my Dad works outside doing very physical things and he could eat brownies all week just fine. David, on the other hand was student, and then an audiologist, neither occupation known for calorie burning ability. He finally had to tell me to stop because we couldn't afford to buy him new pants every six months.
I don't even know how many other things are stuck in my mind, causing me trauma grief and most of all guilt because I think I am letting someone down. Just who I don't know, but someone knows and cares exactly how many times I've put the baby to bed with a half-full diaper, accepting the change of sheets in the morning as payment for no fight at bed-time. I'm pretty sure there isn't an angel recording ever time I'm not a perfect mother or wife or person, but some days, consumed in my own lack of ability I can see the ledger all written out, waiting to accuse me when I get to the other side. Why do I do this? Why does it seem women do this? And most importantly, why do men not have this problem (for the most part)?


jendoop said...

Thanks for posting that link, I really enjoyed reading it. This issue came up for us because I expected myself to have the house clean and dinner ready the second Paul walked in the house. In fact what he came home to was a very unhappy wife yelling at the kids to "PICK UP NOW!". I guess it goes without saying after that it was hard to have a pleasant dinner.
After pondering for a while I figured it out, it was what Mom tried to do for Dad. After I talked to Paul about it he said he'd much rather have happy, dirty and hungry than what he was getting. It was still hard to make the transition mentally though.

We're blessed to have so many choices but sometimes it leaves us spinning in circles trying to choose the best.

Cammie said...

I kind of sad i dont have this problem. I think Matthew would be a lot happier if I were to worry about the house being clean every day. As it is right now he's lucky he gets the dishes done every three days lol