Monday, September 22, 2008

Madame Secretary

Great Woman. I enjoyed reading about her more than I thought I would. I've decided to go through the biography section of the library. I enjoy history, so hopefully I will enjoy it as told through the story of someone who was there.
I learned about what the Secretary of State does and am grateful I will never have to do it. I've also added to my mental list of women who did great things after their children had grown.
There seems to be such a push to make women work and have careers and be successful by thirty, then they can take time to have kids because they will be able to pay a nanny by that time, right? We have so many things to do and if they aren't done in order, it becomes so much more difficult. Having children when you are young is so much easier. Your body is better at the whole pregnancy, go without sleep, chase kids thing, and it is easy to take off a couple of years from a career you haven't begun yet. And, especially now in this age of distance learning, school is always there, waiting patiently.
We live longer, we have more options. Trying to fight biology so you can have it all, RIGHT NOW!, seems futile and counterproductive. My children need me now. In a few years they won't (as much, in the middle of the day at at least) and all those things I put to one side will still be there. Hopefully I will have added wisdom to use and give at that point.
Or so I tell myself in moments of frustration. I am used to the "Mommy track" but it is still sort of boring sometimes. Quite the rant from one little book, huh? That is the purpose of this blog more than simple book reviews. I'm not good at those, I don't like repeating the story, but I almost always have an opinion triggered by a book.

Madame Secretary. Madeleine Albright. Miramax. 2003

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