Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

So what is the deal with all the vampire books? I think it says something about how unhealthy our culture is that there is this current fascination with vampires. Of course, here I am reading them. But I do avoid the ones that are just soft-core porn, which seems to be most of them. I was actually impressed by these. There is a lot more plot and substance to these particular ones. Of course that is like saying Snickers is more healthy and substantial than cotton candy.

And they don't treat death as lightly as some do. The main protagonist is conflicted and agonized about death and killing and all that. I think it is the first of this type of book that even mentions the very real emotional cost of taking lives, even in a war or being a "good fighting evil" type of person.
Once Bitten, Twice Shy. Jennifer Rardin. Orbit. 2007


jendoop said...

Seeing as how you live in Utah and are a Mormon I'm surprised at your glaring omission of the Twilight series. It seems some were ready for Stephanie Meyers to be announced as John McCain's running mate ;)

readerMom said...

I tried reading the twilight books but I couldn't make it through the first one. All that adolescent should I or shouldn't I stuff got on my nerves. I don't read these books for the sexual or emotional tension that most people think is the best part of those books. If someone gives them to me I might read them, otherwise, no.

jendoop said...

I totally understand. When I learned that S. Meyer has no experience in writing her books made sense to me, no editing!
The last book was better, I think she's actually working on her writing, or had a better editor.